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Saturday 11 June 2011
8th Ciclonudista - World Naked Bike Ride


The 8th Ciclonudista Mundial- World Naked Bike Ride-, following a call by the Coordinadora de Colectivos Ciclonudistas in Aragón and World Naked Bike Ride, on saturday 11 June 2011, and will be attended by a lot of cities all over world (see the list). Rides to be held in Spain at: Coruña, Barcelona, Granada, Madrid , Valladolid, Valencia y Zaragoza.

Justice on the streets, this is what we claim with a strong conviction and in earnest, but cheerfully as well, having a good time. Cars impose their law and order on us: speed, high-handedness, fumes and violence. That is why when we move day by day on our bikes we transform our mobility into an everyday disobedience act. If, on top of that, we demonstrate naked on our bikes we turn disobedience into an exemplary protest.

We denounce that our streets have been kidnapped by privately used cars which collapse cities and degenerate these into a hostile and dangerous land. Cars kill and we are shocked at their impunity. If we question them, so many transnational war interests in petrol and car industry are at stake. We propose a model of a city where people get back their space, where moving needs are reduced and where there is a commitment to pedestrians (all of us are) and to less polluting and more effective means of transport.

Why cycling? The bicycle is a reliable, healthy, ecological and amusing means of transport. It is an icon, a symbol of freedom and a practical instrument to transform society. It does not pay taxes, does not waste oil, does neither cooperate with a destroying development nor with global war.

Why naked? Because we feel we are naked before the traffic owing to the drivers’ lack of respect and the apathy of our rulers. Thus we make it visible that our bodywork is fragile. Moreover, we show our body naturally, not feeling ashamed, toppling taboos regarding our physical appearance which are imposed by fashion and the greediness of the textile transnational industry. To sum up, we face urban traffic with our naked body on our bikes as the best way of defending our dignity and of living the social struggle.

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